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8 Reasons for Green Living this Christmas

I have a goal to start thinking about green living this Christmas.

Christmas is not only a time for goodwill toward all but also for its care of Mother Earth. “All of nature reflects the wonder of this beautiful season” – A quote from one of my favorite Christmas cards.

8 Reasons to Go Green this Christmas:


Green living at the holiday helps one think more conscientiously and less commercially, allowing us to focus on the true spirit of Christmas.


Even just small steps toward green living will lessen our typically greater carbon footprint over the holiday.


Simplifying things reduces clutter, over-spending, and big messes.


Green decorating with real branches, tree trimmings, holly, pine cones, beeswax and soy candles creates a fresh and elegant feel to a room.


Natural decorations makes our homes smell like the holidays!


Using current supplies of extra Christmas cards from last year, wrapping paper, bows & ribbons, and even packing material for creative wrapping saves money, reduces clutter, and frees-up storage space.


Green living at Christmas saves energy, likely resulting in lower heating and electrical bills!


Going green over the holidays not only helps the environment, but it often helps our mental well-being.

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